20 large natural pitted dates.

150 g Philadelphia type cream cheese.

150 g of Sweet Gorgonzola Cheese.

100 g of peeled walnuts.

2 turns of Chef’s Pepper Mill.

Salt to taste.

4 tablespoons of GUAiNOS Wine Jam.

1 bunch of mint leaves for garnish.

20 mini paper capsules (those used for chocolates), if you want to present them in an elegant way.


  • Keep the pitted dates in the fridge so that they are firm when it is time to stuff them. Do not cover them so that the skin remains crispy. The Wine Jam should also be kept in the fridge.
  • The cheeses should be at room temperature so that it is easier to bind them together.
  • Split the walnuts in half and set aside.
  • Place the cheeses in a bowl and, using a fork, mix them together until you obtain a smooth, homogeneous paste. Add the pepper, taste and, if necessary, add salt to taste. Mix again and set aside in the fridge.
  • After an hour, remove the dates and cream cheese from the fridge. With a sharp knife or fine-tipped scissors, open the dates by cutting them lengthwise from end to end. Place them on a tray with the cut side up.
  • Fill the dates, one by one, with the help of a spoon. They should be well filled, with the top a little open.
  • Place a piece of walnut in each of the dates, at one end, sinking it a little into the cream filling, so that it does not fall out.

  • Place the stuffed dates in the paper capsules or pastry trays.
  • Fill a ketchup dispenser or a pastry bottle with the wine jam. Place a thick dot of jam on each of the dates next to the walnut.
  • You can decorate by placing a mint leaf between the paper and the date. The fresh mint will add an aromatic touch to the dates.
  • Arrange the little plates on a canapé tray and serve.