We create and market gourmet products made with selected natural raw ingredients, innovation, excellent quality and a lot of love.


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Our goal is to bring innovation to the gastronomic market with products that deliver new gourmet experiences to satisfy the most demanding palates.

Gourmet products have to be exquisite, surprising, to fully please the senses. At GUAiNOS we take care of every detail of this process, from the initial stages of development to the moment it turns into a truly special product within the reach of all those who love the art of good food.


You can buy with confidence, our products are endorsed by organizations that certify their quality.



We have created Recipes to show you how to use your GUAiNOS products. You will discover cooking secrets and the essence of our brand: easy-to-make pairings, combining traditional cuisine with innovation. The ingredients are already in your kitchen, the rest is available in our online store, so you can work wonders!


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