We are GUAiNOS

For those of you who do not know it, Guainos is a small town in Spain, located in the province of Almeria, which flourished on the coast of the Mediterranean Sea and lends its name to our brand. Above the village, on the top of the mountain, the Guainos Watchtower overlooks the sea.

It is a watchtower built in the Middle Ages. A symbol of identity that defines this small village where our roots originated. For this endearing reason we have adopted its silhouette as the corporate icon that unites our companies and of which we are very proud:


We, the Rivera Fernández family, are from this land: born and raised. A land that is blessed by an optimal microclimate for agriculture. A sector to which we have dedicated ourselves with commitment and professionalism for several generations, resulting in the production of horticultural products of excellent quality.


We established the GUAiNOS brand in 2020, where we create and market gourmet-quality packaged products for consumers who value innovative food preparation methods.


As we have always been lovers of good food, we decided to bring new proposals to the gastronomy world and for this we founded our brand GUAiNOS, where we manufacture and sell packaged products with gourmet quality for those who appreciate creative ways of cooking.

Our products are born from the fusion between a traditional recipe and a new idea. Hand in hand with our chef, we cook, with patience and dedication, over and over again, until we obtain a different, unique and exquisite result. We ensure that the necessary monitoring is carried out during the industrial development phase to guarantee the preservation of aromas, textures and flavors.

For us, the most important thing is to satisfy the palates of those who enjoy the art of good food and who dare with new gastronomic proposals. The word gourmet comes from the French word gourmand, which means “love for good food”.

Cuisine is a symbol of culture and the 21st century has brought a great need for exchange to the growth of gastronomy. For this reason, at GUAiNOS we work tirelessly so that our flavors and aromas reach every kitchen and every table anywhere in the world..