4 slices of wholemeal bread with rye and seeds.

8 slices of Iberian Ham cut with a knife.

4 slices of Blue Cheese.

8 slices of GUAiNOS Maximum Quality Quince Meat.

8 Padrón peppers.

Sea salt to taste.

1 tablespoon of GUAiNOS chilli flavoured Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

8 pickled onions.

8 long wooden skewers.

2 spoonfuls of GUAiNOS Spicy Bloody Mary Jam.


  • Wash the Padrón peppers and dry them well with absorbent kitchen paper. Set aside.
  • Heat a griddle or frying pan, add the olive oil flavoured with chilli and roast the Padrón peppers, they will release their juices. Remove from the heat, remove the peppers and reserve the liquid left in the pan.
  • Remove the edges of the slices of bread. Toast lightly on both sides. Cut in half and set aside.
  • Take a slice of toasted bread and brush it on one side with the liquid released by the roasted Padrón peppers.
  • Place the slice of blue cheese on top. Then, the slice of Quince Meat. Then, the padrón peppers.
  • We take a wooden skewer and thread a pickled onion on it.
  • Next, we take a butterfly with the Iberian ham and we pierce it with the wooden skewer, behind the onion.
  • Then skewer the canapé all the way through, piercing the padrón pepper, the quince jelly, the blue cheese and the bread, so that it is well assembled, and the ingredients do not fall out.

  • Place the Spicy Bloody Mary Jam in a ketchup dispenser or with a teaspoon, and place small amounts on each of the skewers, allowing the marmalade to drip freely.
  • Arrange the assembled skewers on a serving platter as desired. This is a delicious and explosive combination as Bloody Mary Jam is characterised by being spicy and slightly spicy.